Small Wins for my Soul – 4 Months Sober

Small Wins Sober
Celebrating the small wins because they are actually big wins for my soul. 

4 months sober.

I’ve been down this path before.  It was always easy, never hard.  11 months and then I succumbed to one sip, a toast to Christmas, and it was all over.  I forgot the deep joy sobriety brings me.
I used to be a big drinker, I didn’t love my body, I hated it.  Then my son came along and I drank a whole lot less, but a whole lot more than nothing, my poison: white wine spritzers.   Two drinks and I’d have a hangover for days.   My soul willing me to stop.  Please.

Then I flew home for my best friend's wedding, making the most of the airport lounge’s free wine.  The wedding was smooth sailing,  I drank and danced and we had a whole lot of fun but the next day I felt regret, that sense of why did I need to drink so much, what was the compulsion behind it and how was it really serving me?

That afternoon feeling the minor fuzz of a few drinks, my friend and I decided to boycott socialising and instead opted for an afternoon of wine and the OC.  I was teasing my soul with spritzers, like a defiant teenager, rebelling because I could.  My soul didn’t like it but she was patient because she knew what was about to unfold.  My higher self always wins.

Tipsy and giggling my friend and I made a pact to stop drinking for the next little while. Tomorrow though, not today.  Initially I was tentative and then I woke up and my hesitation had evaporated.

As I prepared to board my flight home I wore my sober cape with pride, my new badge of honour.

I was ready.

I haven’t looked back.  I am grateful for my journey so far, humbled by it, because now I am on my true path, at the perfect time, in the perfect way, and my soul is happy.  She is honouring all the wins.

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