You Have Everything Within You to Start Meditating Now

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I always used to look outside myself for the answers.  Occasionally I still do, but these days I trust myself a lot more.  The absolute Goddess Cara Alwill Leyba said it perfectly. You have everything within you to inspire yourself.  I found self-trust through meditation.   Start Meditating Now.

I have dabbled in meditation for years.  There were periods where I would regularly do 20-minute silent sessions.  Lately, I’ve been distracted by life…and babies (or should I say, baby?).  My meditation practice fell by the wayside.  Even when I did meditate regularly I resisted it, I kinda hated it actually.  I’d sit in resistance willing the time to speed up instead of letting my thoughts float by.  I persevered because I love the feeling afterward. A warm, fuzzy, natural high.  Increased clarity and peace.  I am inspired.

I recently rediscovered meditation, and I am committed to it.  I thrive on milestones so for me tracking my progress motivates me, and whilst I primarily do silent meditation, at night I love falling asleep to a guided medi.  Insight Timer is my go-to app.  It has replaced my Facebook addiction.  With a massive library of guided meditations, and a beautiful timer that works seamlessly with my meditation sessions.  I used to use the timer on my phone but it didn’t cut it, Insight Timer has a beautiful starting and finishing bell, optional music, and I can time my sessions down to seconds which is crucial for me.

When I first recommitted to meditation, I knew I couldn’t jump into 20 minutes and sit in silence without my brain going on a thought rampage.  So, I came up with an invaluable strategy.  Starting at 5 minutes each day I would add 30 seconds to my session.  It made for a smooth transition.  I barely noticed the increase in time.  My mind adjusted, I started to let go of thoughts and really discover the gap at the end of my breath.  My meditation green room, and it felt amazing to be able to get there, even if just for a few seconds at a time.  I’m currently meditating for 27 minutes, and I intend to surpass 30 minutes.  If I had more time in my days I might aim for more, but I’m already getting up before first light.  I need to be realistic.  That’s the beauty of meditation, it doesn’t need to take hours.

If you are just testing the meditation waters I highly recommend this method, it allows you to let go gently, connect to your higher self and trust your intuition. If silent meditation seems like a no-go zone then I can recommend 20/20 Meditate for Peace.  I’m currently working through this in conjunction with my silent meditation, and it’s really useful.  Coincidentally it adds a minute to your guided meditation session each day and includes some gentle mantras and breathing techniques.  I discovered it on Insight Timer too and I highly recommend it.

I hope this has helped you to start meditating now.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Comment below with where you are at in your meditation journey.  I read them all.

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