It’s Time to Slow Down

I’ve always enjoyed the slow life.  Taking time to connect to me because it felt so nourishing.  Then covid happened and while the world slowed down I found myself being propelled into being busy.  My focus is on my business and serving because I see the need to support women right now.  I have also noticed myself craving stillness and realising the need for both. Being busy in business doesn’t mean I have to rush and lose my centre of gravity in the process.
I can still stay grounded.
During the lockdown, I was curious about how we would re-enter the world.  Would we ease back into life and acknowledge the opportunity our slowness has given mama earth?  Would we acknowledge what it has done for us too?
What new passions have you discovered that you weren’t aware of before?
Where I live people are allowed to venture back out into the world. So far, all I have seen is panic.  A mad rush to get back out into the world because people have felt, trapped, constricted and like prisoners.  This is NOT the way forward.
it's time to slow down
It’s time to slow down. 
What I’ve realised is that we mustn’t rush.  I live in a privileged part of the world where restrictions are slowly being lifted, and now is the time to acknowledge that.  To tune into gratitude for what we have, and to tiptoe out into the world with grace.
If you are feeling the panic now is your opportunity to get curious about your anxiety.
Why do you feel anxious about staying at home?
What is slowing down bringing up for you?
What will happen if you simply let the panic go?
This is our opportunity.
I feel now is an opportunity to meet our edges.  To feel the discomfort in continuing to slow down.  To embrace the uncertainty with patience.
Being bored is an opportunity for creativity.  It is a chance to redefine your values, to take stock of what really matters to you.
What does matter to you?
Why do we feel the need to rush but out into the world?
What if we took our steps back out into the world gently?  With the intention of doing it slowly, and with a commitment to calm.
What if we do it with ease and with conscious focus.
Treat it like a meditation.  
How can you reconnect with the world in an intentional way?
How can you be present at every moment?
How can you feel grateful for where you are at?
Bring mindfulness into your day, do you really need to leap out into the world with gusto?
What if you didn’t?
Savour each step into the world like it is a new, deep, heart-centred breath.  Count to 4 as you breathe in, hold for 4 and savour the pause, then breathe out for 4, and repeat.
This is slowing down.  This is nourishing for ourselves, and for our planet.
What are the possibilities that arise from slowing down?
Comment below how you are continuing to slow down?
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  1. I love what you said about all of us not having to rush back into the world. It’s so true. I wish more people believed that as well. Thank you so much for this piece!

    1. Yes! We get to return with ease, it’s not a race, and the world will appreciate it more if we take our time! Thank you Mia.

  2. “I feel now is an opportunity to meet our edges. To feel the discomfort in continuing to slow down. To embrace the uncertainty with patience.
    Being bored is an opportunity for creativity. It is a chance to redefine your values, to take stock of what really matters to you.” YES! You shared so many insightful things. I am seeing people return to the world as if nothing happened, and it makes me so sad. We are taking things slow, as fulltime travelers we are staying put for the summer even when many people are getting back on the road, and just focusing soaking up a place we love.

    1. Thank you Jenn! I know it makes me sad too, and I love that as travellers you are staying where you are and soaking up the nourishment of where you are now! Beautiful!

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