50 Journal Prompts to Love Yourself More


I was adopted from Sri Lanka as a tiny human.  I was blessed to be raised by a loving family in Australia, and yet from a very young age, I developed feelings of abandonment and a massive fear of rejection, which deeply impacted the next 25+ years of my life.

I partied excessively to mask the internal struggle I was experiencing I thought it would give me peace from the pain, and help me experience a life full of joy but it had the opposite effect. It reinforced the deep-seated belief that I wasn’t enough.

I didn’t love my skin. In fact, I had this underlying desire to be white, because I thought that would help me feel whole.  Over several years my wish started to come true and I started developing a skin condition called vitiligo, which has left its scars on my hands and feet.  I felt scared, alone, frightened of the unknown future of my skin (“what if it spread?”), and tortured by “not belonging”.  Of course, this made me feel even more like I didn’t belong.

In 2009 I was introduced to “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and it was the catalyst into my journey towards self-love and self-acceptance.  I hired my first coach, discovered what personal growth was and finally believed things could be better. 

In 2013 I commenced my certified ontological coach training and continued my journey of self-acceptance.  I learnt that our way of being, shapes our reality, and using the ontological coaching methodology, I implemented changes.  I learnt to coach and self-coach.  Over time I integrated this amazing new learning with other spiritual tools to implement daily practices which enabled me over time, to shift my way of being.

Nearly three years ago I committed to a life of sobriety. This was one of my biggest acts of self-love.  I now help women to embody unconditional self-acceptance, to realise they are enough, so they can start believing in themselves and create a purposeful life.

50 journal prom


Journalling has been one of my most valuable tools to date and I love that some days I can journal for hours, whilst on other days I select a random prompt and 5 minutes is enough.  Unlocking your fears and limiting beliefs can help shift them and the more you dig around through journalling the more you can shift and release, leading you to more self-love.


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You can go through these prompts consecutively.  Alternatively, I invite you to journal on the prompts you feel called to, your soul knows what will be most useful for you at any time, so trust in yourself.

  1. How do you show yourself self-acceptance?
  2. Why is self-love important to you?
  3. What’s missing for you when you don’t feel self-love?
  4. What are the benefits of loving yourself?
  5. Are you primarily a worrier or an optimist?
  6. What is your self-talk like?  Are you kind to yourself or a bully?
  7. Do you see problems or possibilities?
  8. What’s at stake for you if you don’t show yourself self-love?
  9. What is the dominant mood you are living in?  Is it supporting your way of being?
  10. What is this mood protecting you from?
  11. What purpose is this mood serving for you?
  12. How is this mood taking care of you?
  13. Why does it make sense for you to be in this mood?
  14. What stories are you making about this mood?
  15. How effective is it to live in this mood?  Is it useful?
  16. What else have you noticed about your current mood?
  17. Do you want to change your mood?  If so, what mood would be more resourceful for you?
  18. What would a mood of acceptance feel like for you?
  19. Where in your life do you feel like you are not good enough?  Where does this belief stem from?
  20. Why don’t you feel good enough?
  21. How would you feel if you did feel good enough?
  22. Do you ever feel unworthy?
  23. Why do you feel like you are unworthy?  What is the core wound?
  24. What would worthiness look like for you?
  25. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?  How is that serving you? What would happen if you let the comparison go?
  26. What state of mind would you like to shift into?
  27. What good is happening in your life?
  28. How do you not show yourself self-love?
  29. How does this lack of self-love impact your life?
  30. What could you say to yourself that is more loving?
  31. What are you currently doing in your life out of love?
  32. How did your father not show you love as a child?
  33. How did your father show you love as a child?
  34. How can you shift these fear-based actions to more loving ones?
  35. What are you currently doing in your life out of fear?
  36. What is your first memory of someone else judging you? 
  37. What did you make this mean about yourself?
  38. How did your mother show you love as a child?
  39. What is your first memory of you judging you?
  40. What did you make this mean about yourself?
  41. How did your mother not show you love as a child?
  42. Where was love missing in your life as a child?
  43. Where was love abundant in your life as a child?
  44. How can you nourish your body in a way that is loving to yourself?.
  45. What do you love most about yourself?
  46. How could you be more accepting of yourself?
  47. What are your negative self-beliefs? 
  48. What makes you unique?
  49.  Write a letter to your inner child.  What do you want to say to her, how can you remind her how much you love her and that she is perfect, whole and complete, just as she is?
  50. What positive self-beliefs could you replace your negative ones with?

Let us know in the comments what came up for you, and share this post with anyone who could use some more self-love tools and support.

I want it!

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